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Latest Issue - Oct-Nov 2016

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America's Jazz Crossroads


On behalf of the West Virginia Jazz Society, welcome to West Virginia, the center of the largest market for jazz music in the world!  No kidding!  Within one day’s drive of our “Wild, Wonderful” state are Pittsburgh, Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York City.  Sure, we’ve left out a few of the other great jazz cities, but that only goes to prove our point.

If you love jazz music we are going to have it for you at our next West Virginia Jazz Society event.  Our aim is to provide the same quality, authentic, jazz-focused club experience you’ll find in any major city, but with a big difference...   Our jazz club is in West Virginia!

So enjoy the jazz, and enjoy meeting all the great jazz people who’ve come to this part of the Appalachian Mountains to relax and experience all that West Virginia and the West Virginia Jazz Society has to offer.

Eric Spelsberg
President, West Virginia Jazz Society


We're all about bringing jazz to West Virginia! West Virginia Jazz Society events give you a New York City style evening in a West Virginia location.  And at a West Virginia price.        


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Next Events


Saturday, April 22nd

Pianist, Monika Herzig, will be returning to WV to perform with her six piece band on Saturday, April 22nd at The Bridgeport Conference Center.  A special Jazz Night Menu will be available.  Reserved Seats will be $15.  Reservations can be made at or (304) 517-9813.

more information in Dec/Jan Improvisation