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Read reviews of performances at West Virginia Jazz Society events by local enthusiasts and national jazz aficionados.

CC Booker III: Soul Jazz meets Modern Jazz

by Christopher Wilkinson

August 24, 2012

The James Moore Sextet: Astounding

by Christopher Wilkinson

January 27, 2012

Wyclifee Gordon performs with Alderson-Broaddus College Jazz Ensemble

by Logan Lindsey

April 12, 2012


Marshall Keys - Jazz Musician, Washington, DC
Played Saturday at Jazz at Charles Pointe. They do it right.  Nice stage, great crew and audience. Met and played with some great musicians including Noah Preminger, James Moore (Dr.!), Sean Nowell and Seth Maynard.  Thanks to Eric Spelsberg and everyone at WV Jazz Society.

Dan Rowcroft - Musical Enthusiast

​Outstanding time at the Holiday Jazz Stroll in Clarksburg, would love to attend again during future events. Festivals like this and venues for arts and music would be the way to revitalize the downtown area.I am originally from a large urban area and this festival was equally as cool as what was/is offered there and because of the small town feel of the city of Clarksburg it was twice as nice… Enjoyed it immensely and looking forward to future events like this one. Thank you to all who made this happen and also the sponsors when possible I will be supporting them.

James T. Boggs - Musical Enthusiast
Fantastic job!  Keep up the good work!  Look for us at future West Virginia Jazz Society events!


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